Pine Knot Projects

custom consulting for local economies 


We help good things get started

Pine Knot Projects works with place-based organizations to build community, forge stronger partnerships, and grow their impact. 


Visioning & Facilitation 

Great organizations are inspired ways of organizing and enlivening people. Pine Knot Projects provides group facilitation, strategic planning, and consulting services to help build structures that elevate the boldest visions of your community.  


Story Telling 

We believe you know your story better than anyone. Through active and engaged listening, we help you tell it in clear and compelling ways to partners, funders, supporters, news outlets, and — sometimes most importantly — yourselves.   


Creative Projects & Capacity Building

Vision and story must ultimately unite in grounded initiatives.  We help you build the partnerships, activate the resources, and initiate the programs that expand a community’s sense of the possible. 

Focus Areas

Arts & Community

Arts, organizing, and collective action enliven our communities and expand our sense of agency. We assist with mission/vision crafting, event organizing, and fund development.

Past clients include:

  • Virginia Street Arts Festival
  • Wayne Theatre Performing Arts Center
  • Redwing Roots Academy

Food, Farms, and Local Economies

Whether crafting horizontal organizing structures to sustain volunteer governance or writing that grant to expand cheesemaking capacity, Pine Knot Projects assists those bringing human scale and greater justice to local economies. 

Past clients include:

  • Project GROWS
  • Staunton Makerspace
  • Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance
  • The JustPax Fund for gender, environmental, and economic justice. 

Transportation & Alternative Energy

From bicycles to solar panels, we assist clients who are bringing joy, sunshine, and freedom of movement to a lower-carbon economy. 

Past clients include:

  • Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition
  • Secure Futures
  • Sigora Solar


Meghan Williamson launched Pine Knot Projects in 2012 after serving as the Executive Director of the Staunton Creative Community Fund and the Economic Development Director for the City of Waynesboro, Virginia.  Raised in and returning to rural Virginia, her goal was and remains to shift resources, attention, knowledge, and support to the place-based organizations and people who are reimagining how to build economies, communities, and ecologies that work for all. 



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